Conservatories are developments that are permitted in most local councils and do not require any permission form planning authorities. They also do not have to follow any building regulations if they are restricted in area, are separate from the main house, and are not in any way linked to central HVAC systems.

Conservatories are best built if you have a garden that faces south, and the area where you build your conservatory does not have a lot of shade. A conservatory should not have any impact on the size of your garden, and can always be used effectively as an added living area for dining or even cooking. You can easily use a conservatory as a place for indoor plants and this area will the function like a greenhouse. A conservatory can easily double up as a play area for children, and should be usable for the major part of the year, except for very cold months. A conservatory may not be of much use if your garden gets a lot of shade from trees in your neighboring property. It can also look incongruous in a garden that has limited space. Most conservatories are built without any foundations, and may just have some arrangement to anchor down the supporting structure, so that it is not prone to being lifted by the wind.


Conservatories, especially if they are well designed and made to look elegant, and have a lot of greenery in them, can greatly add to the value of a property. This increase in value can add a multiple of the cost of building the conservatory, and can be a focal point for you to stress on when you are considering selling your home. A brand new conservatory can completely change the house looks and feels, while it gives you additional living space. The size of your conservatory will depend on the space that you have in your garden. Decide also on the use you will be making of a conservatory before you consider building it. If it is going to extend your living space, and have you spending a lot of time in it, you will need to look at proper lighting, ventilation and even heating.

A conservatory can be a space that you can use throughout the year and help you to socialize. It must be well lighted with natural light and the windows that you have on them will need drapes or blinds to keep the light under control. A conservatory always becomes a much better place if you have a lot of greenery in it, and you must pay attention to having planters and spaces for pots. These must of course be adequately maintained and you need to have facilities for this. Consider the maintenance of a conservatory before you decide the final structure for it, as this may involve not only keeping the windows in the conservatory clean, but also adequate attention to the roof.

Flooring for a conservatory needs to match what you have in the home, especially if you are going to do a lot of entertaining in it. The floor should be able to drain out easily, as a conservatory can be vulnerable to rain storms. If you are planning to use the conservatory for long hours every day and also throughout the year, you may need to consider the insulation that you have for the roof, walls and windows.

A well-made conservatory, which is properly maintained can become the neighbor’s envy, and also add substantially to the value of your property, in case you ever decide that you want to sell your home.